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Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey.

About Princeton Housing

Princeton University dorms come in many different styles including traditional-style dorms to more modern suite-style dorms. Most commonly, first-year students fill out a housing form selecting their preferences and are sorted into one of Princeton’s 7 residential colleges: Rockefeller (Rocky), Mathey, Forbes, Butler, New College West (NCW), Yeh, and Whitman. Each residential college contains several dorm halls that can have singles, doubles, quads, suite-style double, or qingles (4 singles in a quad). Princeton students are guaranteed housing for all 4 years, but for the first two years, students must remain in their respective residential colleges. Upperclassmen are then given the option to continue living in their residential college, draw into a different residential college, or move off-campus.

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