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1 year ago
Verified Student

A wonderful, homey place to live in with free cleaning supplies, a swap shop (where you get to take things you need and contribute), and a kitchen with utensils available. Though you may have to clean them yourselves, bathrooms are inside the rooms, which can prevent any awkward interactions (especi...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

If you don’t fit in with the people after the first two weeks GET OUT. Extremely nice people live here but they are all extremely cliquey and super liberal. Do not expect to share any centrist views on social issues or climate change unless you want to be made fun of or looked at in an un charismati...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Great rooms, however the distance means that walking to campus will take longer than any other freshman housing. You will need to get to learn the bus system.

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Nice place to live. Each double has its own bathroom (with a shower) which is a major perk. It is relatively far for housing but not bad and there is a bus stop nearby. The people can be cliquey.

Lived in a double room