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1 year ago
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Problems with the heater, old carpet, smells weird, unit one is underground. Only good thing is location: close to spcc and central campus + bus stops

Lived in a single room
2 years ago

First thing to note is that I actually lived in a triple by myself, not a standard single. Overall I really loved my stay at HILC. There’s a community dynamic that made it really enjoyable, including game and karaoke nights, free snacks, and a dorm council that brought gifts for holidays. It’s right...

Lived in a single room
4 years ago

Lived in HILC for three years and most of it was enjoyable. The distance is the only main downside. The common areas are great for work and conducive to socialising. If you want to make a group of friends, HILC is great for that! You genuinely meet a wide range of interesting and international peopl...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Very far away from almost everything but food. It's right next to RPCC though, which is a plus. Appel is also a few minutes walk downhill. Other than that, expect early-onset Cornell Calves. As for inside the building...triples suck. The suites were fine, as was the bathrooms, but the kitchen was a ...

Lived in a triple room
4 years ago

Lived here in a triple as a freshman and a double as a sophomore. Building itself isn't the worst ever, and the upper units have high ceilings, which makes a huge difference if you're in a top bunk/lofted bed. Smaller dorm (I think) so there's more a sense of community if you like to hang out in the...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Similar layout to other low rises, you only really see the people in your unit which makes it easy to get acquainted with everyone there but only if you stay around the lounge. The top floor has a high ceiling which makes a triple feel less cramped. You only get a wardrobe in a triple whereas you wo...

Lived in a triple room