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4 years ago

For most of the year I did not really mind living here. But I think I just got unlucky with my neighbors because some of them were pretty awful. Rachel han if you are reading this, bitch I know you were the one throwing up in the bathroom every month, shitting ON THE TOILET SEAT and not cleaning up ...

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4 years ago

Despite all the bad rap LR6 gets, I actually found many positives. Pros: - super close to RPCC bus stop - good access to and from 82, 83, 92, 93, 90, 30 buses - close to RPCC (MAIL CENTER, printing, Nasties, study space) - good for curb-side delivery (v useful during quarantine) - 1st floor vending...

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4 years ago

Low rise 6 gets a lot of shit. It's mostly deserved due to its poor location at the back of North Campus, weird floorplan, old amenities/ lack thereof. ISome of the rooms are actually fairly large compared to other North Campus dormrooms. However, residents in Low Rise 6 (and 7) tend to bond quite ...

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4 years ago

Low Rise 6 changes a man. In a building where you have to go through 7 doorways and up 3 flights of stairs for your second floor room, there is nothing but sadness, hopelessness, and despair. If you're lucky enough to not have a ground floor room or forced triple, you'll find yourself in a room that...

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