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3 years ago

My room was pretty big (maybe because it was a corner room) and I really enjoyed the location since it was in Collegetown but also near campus. The building itself is alright, but you can't adjust the temperature in your room so sometimes it got really hot and my roommate and I couldn't really do an...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

This dorm is nasty, dingy, and smells bad. Being in a College Town dorm instead of on West was a horrible experience. The living situation in ANY of the dorms on West is significantly better. STAY AWAY FROM SHELDON

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

The amenities are certainly not great (no AC and building is ~120 yrs old) but by no means terrible. Nice room and clean bathroom. Location is unbeatable. Would definitely recommend!

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Living in a first floor double in Sheldon was a miserable experience. The noise from the loading dock outside the window made sleeping all the way through the night impossible, the room was much smaller than other doubles I’d seen, and the building is a mess. The heat broke down in November and neve...

Lived in a double room