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Living in East Lothian Dorms at UCR

By Nikki Ngo
Business Administration Major
1 year ago
Living in East Lothian Dorms at UCR

After committing to which college you plan on attending, the very next decision is on where to live. One of the dorm choices at the University of California, Riverside is East Lothian. Living in the East Lothian Dorms offers a satisfying overall experience, as shared by a current resident in our interview.

Overview of East Lothian

East Lothian

The dorm ensures a comfortable environment with reliable air conditioning and clean bathrooms equipped with functional showers. This dorm provides ample stoage options, including a bookshelf, and has a diligent cleaning staff who maintains high standards of cleanliness and helps keep the living space organized. Furthermore, prompt responsiveness from the dorm staff and maintenance team stood out when addressing concerns or issues. For example, when our interviewee encountered an issue with the water filter, the RA promptly resolved the problem, demonstrating their commitment to resident satisfaction. Along with these accommodations, the dorm is considered safe, due to residents requiring key cards for access. During winter break, strict regulations were enforced to prevent unauthorized entry, prioritizing residents' safety.

Another notable positive aspect of living in the East Lothian Dorms is the vibrant social atmosphere it fosters. While experiences may vary among different halls, our interviewee acknowledged that efforts were made to create opportunities for social interaction and community building. The Resident Advisor (RA) organized a range of engaging events, such as craft nights, silent discos, and movie nights, which brought residents together and facilitated connections. In addition, collaborations with various clubs introduced a diverse range of social activities, further enhancing the social atmosphere within the dorm.

Lastly, we must address the food. East Lothian Dorms offered convenient dining options, with Lothian, the dorm's own dining hall, providing good food quality and variety. Despite the pleasant dining experience, the ambiance of the hall was not as visually appealing. Nevertheless, the accessibility of having a dining hall just downstairs was a significant advantage, although some residents noted that food smells could occasionally permeate the dorm halls. Along with the dining hall, there is the accessibility to a microwave and a sink at your own convenience.

The Drawbacks of East Lothian

East Lothian

While the East Lothian Dorms offer many positive aspects, it is important to acknowledge that there are also some areas that could be improved upon. One aspect that our interviewee mentioned was the noise level within the dorm. Despite some soundproofing, they expressed that sounds from neighboring rooms could be heard, which might be a drawback for noise-sensitive individuals. Another shortcoming of this dorm is that while the East Lothian Dorms at UCR offered a comfortable living environment, our interviewee did highlight a few areas that could be improved. They expressed the need for more lounge space and study areas, as existing spaces were often occupied. Moreover, a larger gym facility was desired to better accommodate the residents' fitness needs.

More Living Factors at East Lothian to Consider

Moving on to other aspects of dorm living, it is essential to address other living matters that residents encounter. For instance, the internet connection in a dorm is crucial as students heavily rely on it for daily homework assignments and other academic tasks. While occasional connectivity issues were reported, the overall experience with internet and technology infrastructure was deemed acceptable by our interviewee. Another component of living at the dorms is how students do their laundry. The dorms’ laundry facilities provide convenience through modern machines that could be easily accessed and paid for using an app. However, some students reported occasional issues with machine performance, as clothes were not always cleaned thoroughly. Nonetheless, the presence of a significant number of machines helped minimize waiting times. Additionally, one concern of a student moving into college is the system in which they receive their mail and packages. The dorm services have proven to be reliable, with residents promptly notified via email upon package arrival. This efficient system ensured convenience and minimized any potential concerns regarding mail services.

To add to these components, there are rules and regulations within the dorm community that are enforced to maintain a harmonious living environment. Quiet hours are from 10 PM on weekdays and extended to 11 PM or 12 AM on weekends, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere. Mandatory hall meetings, including sessions for winter break preparation and room moving out, were also expected to foster a sense of responsibility and community.


Overall, the East Lothian Dorms provide a positive living experience for UCR students. The combination of functional amenities, responsive staff, social events, and convenient dining options contributes to a comfortable and supportive community. While certain areas may require improvement, the overall consensus from our interviewee is that East Lothian Dorms are a desirable choice for incoming students seeking a great place to start off their college experience.

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