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UCR Guide to Dorm Life at North District

By Nikki Ngo
3rd Year, UCR, Business Major
1 year ago
UCR Guide to Dorm Life at North District

Starting college is an exciting journey that brings with it new experiences and challenges. One of the key aspects of this transition is finding suitable accommodation. To help incoming students make an informed decision, we interviewed a current student residing in a double shared room with a shared bathroom on the fourth floor of an on-campus apartment in the North District. Let's dive into their firsthand experiences and gain valuable insights about dorm life.

UCR North District

Q: What dorm do you stay in? What kind of dorm (double, triple)?

A: I currently reside in a double shared room with a shared bathroom. The dormitory offers a comfortable living space with ample room for two people.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your overall experience living in this dorm?

A: I have had a positive experience living in this dorm. The location is convenient, allowing me to easily walk to the shared bathroom. The dorm itself is well-maintained and quite spacious. It provides a sense of privacy with a divider in the shared room, although it doesn't extend across the entire room. The lighting is separate but visible through the divider.

Q: What was the bathroom situation like? Are they clean and well-maintained?

A: The bathroom setup includes a sink outside the bathroom. Although there is no housekeeping, the maintenance team responds quickly to any issues or concerns raised by the residents.

Q: How would you rate the cleanliness of the dorm and its shared spaces? Any pest control/issues?

A: The cleanliness of the dorm was generally good. Initially, there was some dust, but it was promptly cleaned. I did encounter a few crickets during the early days, but pest control measures were implemented to address the issue.

Q: Were there any amenities or features of the dorm that you particularly enjoyed or found useful?

A: The dormitory is fully furnished, which is a great convenience. It includes essential amenities like a bed, desk, couch, dishwasher, and refrigerator, making it easy to settle in and feel at home.

Q: Did you have any issues with noise levels or disturbances while living in the dorm?

A: Generally, noise levels were not a major concern, and I haven't had to call in any noise complaints. However, occasional loud screams or noises can be heard due to the thin walls.

Q: How was the accessibility and convenience of the dorm's location on campus?

A: The dorm's location is extremely convenient as it is situated right across from the campus. This proximity allows for easy access to academic buildings, facilities, and various campus activities.

Q: How responsive were the dorm staff and maintenance team to any concerns or issues you had?

A: The dorm staff and maintenance team were highly responsive to any concerns or issues raised by the residents. They promptly addressed maintenance requests, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Q: Did you feel safe and secure in the dorm? Were there any security measures in place?

A: I felt safe and secure in the dormitory. There were security measures in place, such as key card access, to ensure restricted entry and maintain a secure living environment.

Q: Were there any specific events or activities organized by the dorm that you enjoyed participating in?

A: The dormitory occasionally organized events and activities. One memorable event was a bouquet-building activity, which allowed residents to engage and socialize with one another.

Q: How was the roommate selection process?

A: The roommate selection process was fairly easy and convenient. We were matched through an app, which simplified the process of finding a compatible roommate.

Q: What was the social atmosphere like in the dorm? Did you feel like it was easy to make friends?

A: The social atmosphere in the dormitory was somewhat independent and apartment-like. While everyone had their own space, it didn't foster a strong communal environment. Consequently, it wasn't particularly easy to make friends within the dormitory itself.

Q: How was the internet connectivity and technology infrastructure in the dorm?

A: The internet connectivity in the dormitory was generally satisfactory. However, there were occasional days when the internet would be slow or non-responsive. Overall, it met the basic needs of online activities and communication.

Q: Did you have any issues with the dorm's heating, cooling, or ventilation systems?

A: Yes, there were some issues with the dorm's heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. The control panel had buttons, but they didn't seem to have any effect on the temperature settings. However, the dormitory generally maintained a cool environment, which was beneficial during warmer periods. Unfortunately, residents couldn't fully control the temperature in their rooms.


Q: How were the laundry facilities in the dorm? Were there enough machines available?

A: The laundry facilities were located outside the dormitory and required payment for usage. However, there were some challenges in terms of machine availability, especially on weekends. It could be difficult to find an open machine during peak laundry times. Additionally, some residents would leave their clothes unattended for extended periods, further limiting machine availability.

Q: Were there any particular rules or regulations in the dorm that you found restrictive or difficult to follow?

A: The dormitory had a relatively open and flexible environment, with rules that were not overly strict. Quiet hours starting at 12 am were reasonable and allowed for a comfortable living environment without excessive restrictions.

Q: How were the dining options in the dorm or nearby? Did you have any issues with the food quality or variety? Are you able to cook, if you wanted to?

A: The dormitory itself didn't offer dining options, but there was a small market nearby for convenience. The kitchen in the dorm worked well, providing residents with the ability to cook their own meals. This option allowed for more variety and catered to individual preferences. Overall, there were no significant issues with the quality or variety of food.

Q: Did you have any issues with the dorm's mail and package delivery services?

A: At times, there were delays with the dorm's mail and package delivery services. Emails regarding package notifications were occasionally sent late because they had to be scanned and assigned to specific individuals. In one instance, I received a package notification a month after it had arrived, which caused some inconvenience.

Q: How did the overall community feel about the dorm?

A: The overall community had a positive perception of the dormitory. It was appreciated for its convenient location and modern, apartment-like features. However, there were concerns about parking, particularly in the smaller lot 21, where finding a parking spot could be challenging. On weekends, the lot tended to be relatively empty, while lot 27 was further away but more spacious. It's worth noting that the cost of rent for the North District was relatively high at $1232, and a parking pass was an additional expense for residents.

Q: Would you recommend this dorm to other students? Why or why not?

A: Yes, I would recommend this dorm to other students, particularly to those who are able to afford it. Overall, the dorm provides a comfortable living space with essential amenities, ensuring a convenient and nice living experience.


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