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Worst dorms at Purdue?


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The worst dorms would have to be Tarkington, Wiley, Owen, and some rooms in Cary. Tark, Wiley, and Owen all don't have A/C which makes them incredibly hot during the start of the semester. The common areas of these dorms are decent, but the individual rooms are not great. The university tries to pack 3 people into rooms that are meant for 2 people in these dorms which can lead to a rough living situation. Cary is also known for having "Cary Closets" where there are 2 people living in a room meant for a single person, which means the room is very crowded. However, these dorms can foster a sense of community as everyone is suffering through the same thing. Regarding the "worst" dorm, its all up to your preferences, and just because someone doesn't like living in one of those dorms doesn't always mean you're gonna hate it too, its really just what you make of it.

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Tarkington is the worst, no A/C and the bathrooms are filthy and disgusting. Guys never flush, brown water from sinks, and flooding showers. Do not recommend.

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Tarkington and Owen, both without A/C, are known to be terribly hot in the summer. However, they are some of the dorms that are the most central on-campus. Cary's dorms are also known as the "Cary Closets" due to the tight rooms, but are also a short walking distance to popular spots on campus. Despite all this, all three are known to have really strong student communities. In regards to which is the worst, it all depends on what you can tolerate with or without as well as the expectations you have as you are looking at your dorm options.