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    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 1 MSU student

    "Pros: Central heating/cooling, excellent location, access to a variety of dining options covered by the meal plan. My room is spacious, it comes with a desk (with a drawer and a small cupboard), a capacious dresser, and a rack to hang my clothes on, as well as a small chair. (The chair is kind of uncomfortable, but that's easily remedied with a pillow.) The kitchen has a large island (with outlets, so that's nice for a toaster, air fryer, blender, etc) and there is lots of space around the sink as well—plenty of space for a dish drying rack, if you choose not to take advantage of the dishwasher in the apartment. The dishwasher is our fifth roommate, it's so reliable, and we're all immeasurably grateful for it. The stove, oven, and refrigerator are all also very nice. The only slight thing to note is that for whatever reason, the apartment fire alarms are over the stove. They are very sensitive, so they will go off at the slightest hint of smoke. Thankfully, there are vents and you can open a window in the living room to counter that. However, if you do not address your apartment's fire alarm within a minute of it going off, the entire building will be forced to evacuate. No one knows which apartment set off the alarm, but it is nonetheless somewhat embarrassing. Cons: The main building of 1855, 1801, has 5 floors. We have 2 stairwells and 1 elevator, so the floors are easily accessible. My only minor gripe about the actual structure of the building is that we don't have a trash chute. I'm being picky, I know, but I'd rather not have to walk outside every time I want to throw out garbage. The bathrooms have the light switches on the outside of the room, so if you have particularly forgetful or mean-spirited roommates, you will be left in the dark in the bathroom, which is uncomfortable because the bathrooms have no windows or ventilation. Our bathroom may have some mold growing on the ceiling, and when we reported it to facilities they told us to leave the bathroom open (as if we don't except for when we're showering!) and told us it was essentially our problem. That was frustrating because other than showering with the door open, there's no way to ventilate the bathroom, so we've resorted to managing(?) the mold by occasionally wiping some bleach on the ceiling and leaving it to dry. The last con is the rent. I live in a 4-bedroom economy, and my rent is $809/month per roommate, so that's $3236 per month in total. One might question whether the apartment is worth that. The reason why I like living here is because I do not have access to car, so as a junior I don't have the option to live off-campus without access to reliable transportation. "

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 1 MSU student

    "Solid Brody room. Brody by far has the nicest dorms on campus. About 10 min farther from the center of campus but it’s really not as big of an inconvenience as people pretend it is"

    Owen Hall Michigan State University

    Rated 4.4 / 5 stars by 4 MSU students

    "Room- I think the rooms are amazing for one person. They seem small, but really it's more than enough space. I put my dresser in the closet and was able to fit a futon along one of the walls, along with a max sized mini fridge/freezer. The amount of storage is very nice (it's easy to hide things like airfryers too, so long as you're not dumb with it). I was lucky enough to get a corner room between a supply closet and my suitemate, the thinnest walls are in the closet in most rooms. Only time I ever had a real issue with noise when when my suitemate was blasting music, but it's worth noting you can hear everything in the bathroom too. If you don't decorate however, the rooms can feel a bit prison-y. Highly suggest bringing your own lights. Building- I love Owen as a building. Other than Brody, it feels like one of the newer cleaner buildings from the lobby. The game room downstairs is nice. I never used the kitchen, it was easy enough to cook in the dorm rooms (even if you're not supposed to). Shockingly I only ever had to wait for a dryer in the laundry room once. Even if you don't have a meal plan, the Spartys is very convenient. Location- The only place more mid-campus than Owen is Shaw. Only places that are a long walk are Brody or South. 5 min walk to 7/11 too. If you get a room facing the forest, it rivals the beauty of North as well. Parking passes are expensive but so worth it. Right across the street from the Wharton too if you like Broadway stuff (which you should, student tickets are only around $30). I used to wish it was closer to Grand River, but after recent events I'm glad it's south of the river. Bathroom- They're fine. But expect to either walk-in on, be walked-in on, or both with your suitemate at some point. They feel kinda gross too with their age, and if you get a shower curtain instead of a shower door they flood pretty easily. Both people can hear everything from the bathroom in their room. Most rooms have shower lights though, which is more than some of the suite dorms can say. "

    Rated 4.4 / 5 stars by 3 MSU students

    "Me and my roomie lived in Yakeley in North Neighborhood for first semester and had to leave because of how bad the conditions had gotten. The constant noise and dirty living community spaces made it hard to focus on anything else. I mention this because when we moved to Rather we had a comparison of what we had been living in to what we moved to. It was entirely worth the hassle. Bathrooms were much cleaner and the showers had much more privacy. Bathrooms were cleaned much more frequently than Yakeley, at least it seemed this way as I would often bump into the custodial staff on their way out. Our room felt close to double the size and was much easier to coexists with someone in. The study areas were normally pretty quiet to sit and do work in if you ever needed to. There are two laundry rooms, one on third floor and one on fourth, so finding a time where at least a washer would be open was much simpler. There is also a unisex bathroom on A and B side of every floor. The best part for when you move in and out? There’s an elevator, sadly only 1 but compared to Yakeley that did not have 1 it’s a win. Even if you decide to move things up and down the stairway there’s a lot more space to do so. Overall I loved my time in Rather, people were super respectful and fun to talk to, I would completely recommend living there."

    Bryan Hall Michigan State University

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 2 MSU students

    "i loved bryan. it’s a good freshman dorm. i had a nice view from the A wing facing the brody courtyard, nice bathrooms and close to the only doors open in brody when you want to go on a late night spartys run. i would say bc it’s in the back of brody the walk from the dining hall is a long but tolerable walk. it’s very nice close to the pond, big ten and the shopping plaza that’s a short bus ride or a good 10 min walk "

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 1 MSU student

    "Emmons hall has the best location in Brody neighborhood. It's close by the bus stop and right across the street from sparty's market and starbucks. The building is new and the bathrooms are cleaned pretty well. Brody neighborhood is a little rowdy so expect it to get loud at night. "

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 3 MSU students

    "Tight size for double, but I had a single for like 3/4 of the year so I can’t complain. Bathroom is great and always clean, but sometimes the showers get clogged. There’s a water fill station that’s very convenient, which is a plus. Room kinda got musty and there were complaints of cockroaches in the basement but I only ever saw like 3. One bad thing though is that there is no elevator so if you have mobility issues or hurt yourself things get bad pretty quick. Being on grand river is nice because the target is conveniently close but there are many drunk people passing through on weekends, so make sure to lock your bike up if you have one. I’d give it a 7.5/10, good dorm overall but I’m happy to be out of it and off grand river. "

    Wonders Hall Michigan State University

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 6 MSU students

    "The rooms and bathrooms are a nice size, and it’s about a 20-30 minute to almost anywhere on campus. The spartys isn’t great, but Case is right across, or 1855 Place is only a 10 minute walk away and they have a spartys and Starbucks. It’s pretty quiet, but sometimes in the mornings you can hear marching band practice."

    Landon Hall Michigan State University

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 5 MSU students

    "Bathrooms are new and having the dining hall below you on the first floor was amazing! Having a corner room is a plus because the room is like double the size as the average Landon dorm room. 10 minute walk to IM west, 5 minute walk to library, 5 minute walk to grand river. Bus stop is also right outside the dorm and takes you anywhere on campus. Loved the dining hall food especially the make your own panini and pizza station. "

    Rated 4.8 / 5 stars by 1 MSU student

    "williams hall is great! great location, small building, clean, comes with a full size fridge, has community kitchens. close to grand river and multiple bus stops. i honestly loved it here"

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