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1 month ago

It is really nice. Incredibly useful to have both a large sparty's and a really good dining hall inside the building and it is the best location on campus

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12 months ago
Verified Student

Case is LOUD. Lots of freshman first and foremost. Great location for sports/classes and no walk to a dining hall, but compared to other dorms it feels really cramped. On the 6th floor there is a really annoying ledge in the ceiling so you can’t put your beds against the wall. The window is also kin...

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1 year ago

The building itself is kind of old, but the rooms are decent. It’s all Suite style dorms, so the bathroom is as clean as you keep it. Definitely one of the best spartys on campus and 9 times out of 10 the dining hall food being served is good. Case is not the best on campus, but nowhere close to th...

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1 year ago

I loved the location and it being very close to everything and having the dining hall in the building. The only thing is the study and common spaces are practically nonexistent compared to other dorms. There’s a north and south lounge, but they were always far too noisy to get anything done. Also th...

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3 years ago

I loved being so close to the Breslin Center and Spartan Stadium, only a couple minutes from both. Also very close to Wells Hall, which is nice for freshmen since a lot of freshmen classes are there. I loved having my own bathroom too. Also, the food switched around every day and I enjoyed case hall...

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