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Here are the highest rated University of Southern California dorms. This ranking was put together based off of what students rated USC dorms on the RateMyDorm USC Page.

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 8 USC students

    "Place is dope, like everywhere else, it’s expensive. However, I did like the size and personal bath. "

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 8 USC students

    "Lived here freshman year. rooms are kinda cramped especially doubles and not much space for anything. Building also feels very old on the inside. Location is great though, as offers apartments on campus "

    Cale and Irani Residential College University of Southern California

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 11 USC students

    "I lived in a 6 person/3 bed here freshman year and a 4 person loft sophomore year. The 6 person (3 pics attached) is very nice, tons of room and storage. The loft (1 pic) isn’t great, it’s tiny and has very little storage space (but at least it’s cheap). Freshman year the dorm was relatively social and I was friends with probably around half my floor, sophomore year it has not been social and I haven’t made any new friends in the building. Cale is a pretty nice building, but all village dorms are fairly similar. Personally I wouldn’t recommend living here freshman year because it’s harder to make friends than a traditional dorm, but if that’s okay with you go for it. The loft is a little rough but it was worth it to save money for me"

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 2 USC students

    "Apartments in Troy Hall are extremely spacious. I live in a 4-person apartment and there are 2 bathrooms total, a balcony, a big living room, and a kitchen. There is even a walk-in closet for one of the rooms. I really like the layout of the room. The building is definitely not as new as the ones at the village but everything works and it doesn't feel old at all. It's 3-min walk to Target and a 5 to 7-min walk to campus. As it is considered off-campus, it is close to all the restaurants and food places (ex. McDonald's, Pot of Cha, etc.) Most importantly, the prices are so cheap! A 2-person apartment at Troy Hall is probably cheaper than 4-person apartments at CarGar or Century."

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 4 USC students

    "Amazing location on campus!! Near village, lyon center gym, health center, starbucks. Cleaning service twice a week for bathrooms and common room trash. The doors for each individual bedroom have locks. Sometimes noisy due to other suites partying."

    Nemirovsky and Bohnett University of Southern California

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 13 USC students

    "Spacious room and updated appliances. Nemirovsky has a great view of DTLA and windows have access to natural light. Only con is that the fire alarm will go off pretty often from malfunctions. "

    McCarthy Honors Residential College University of Southern California

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 23 USC students

    "McCarthy is great! New, clean facilities, room common spaces cleaned 2x per week. My favorite part is the study lounges on every floor which have a variety of different setups and table sizes :) Only possible downsides: bedroom size can widely vary depending on which room type you have, and the windows are kind of small. I’ve seen bedrooms that are nearly double the size of mine. But overall a really great place to live, location is amazing (especially for SCA ppl)!"

    Cowlings and Ilium University of Southern California

    Rated 4.8 / 5 stars by 12 USC students

    "Great! RA wasn't really involved in our lives. Lounges are nice but get taken quickly. 6P3B common area is really big. "

    Rated 4.8 / 5 stars by 5 USC students

    "It's a quiet dorm with muted hallway colors. There isn't too much socialization that occurs on the hallways, but the people are friendly and interesting. The loft is a bit small as there is less kitchen counter space and if you study at the desk it is a bit dark (a lamp is needed). Overall the room has everything one could need from a room with three small fridges, two microwaves, and a stove with burners. The only limit to what you do with the room is bounded by your imagination."

    Rated 4.9 / 5 stars by 7 USC students

    "I loved living in Parkside IRC my freshman year! The room was super clean and spacious and my roommate and I both got our own closets, dressers, and desks with a hutch so there was ample storage space. The ceilings are also really high which makes the space feel bigger, too. Housekeeping would come in to clean the bathrooms twice a week, which was so nice. I liked the proximity of IRC to the, in my opinion, best dining hall on campus. However, it is a 15-20 minute trek to the center of campus and Leavey Library and definitely one of the more quiet and less social dorms. I wouldn’t change my decision to live here if I were to go back, though!"

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