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1 year ago

I lived here as a freshman. It is near the center of campus and close to TCH, CB1 and CB2, and the Student Union, which is a plus. I would wake up 30 minutes before my class in CB1 and leave 5 minutes before class started and come right on time. There aren't really any amenities and the buildings ar...

3 years ago

Nice apartment style room (4x2) with a kitchen and living room. kinda old though (oven takes a while to heat up, bugs and lizards get in easily, not the cleanest) but it’s nice having my own bedroom and not having to deal with a communal bathroom or kitchen. because of covid, the mail center was mov...

Lived in a single room
4 years ago

It's an older building but you get your own room, a bathroom shared with one other person, a kitchen, and a living room.

Lived in a single room