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1 year ago

I lived here as a sophomore in a 4/2. The outside is a little bit ugly, but the inside dorms are more spacious than you'd expect. Theres small living room area and a kitchen. The desks in the private rooms are a lot longer and bigger, so that's cool. I really like it. My only gripe is that Nike is i...

3 years ago

Overall I really liked Nike for my first year dorm! The rooms were decently sized and the shared bathroom wasn't too bad. I feel like if you're living with the right people it's a really great experience! Due to COVID, the community lounge and kitchen were closed off so that really sucked not meetin...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

I lived in one of the apartments here and would definitely recommend! In the apartment you get your own room (4 total) and share a bathroom with one other person, as well as a kitchen and living room. Housekeeping comes weekly and it’s relatively quiet. A little far from some parts of campus, but no...

Lived in a single room
4 years ago

It was typical dorm fare, kept relatively clean. The kitchen was three buildings away and shared with everyone in the community, which was super annoying. I'd do Neptune instead, they have kitchens on every floor. (and if you are in EXCEL, it's still a two minute walk to hours if you need it). The o...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Nike is UCF’s bare-bones, basic college dorm room. Most rooms are two separate dorms, each sleeping 2, connecting to a shared bathroom. There is no kitchen in the building, just a shared preparation room on each floor. If you want to cook, you must walk across the cul-de-sac to the Nike community ki...

Lived in a double room