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2 years ago
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The communal bathroom was mostly fine, the room was fine except for some soundproofing issues, dirty floors, and lack of temperature control. Where they really dropped the ball was the rest of the building. Elevators were constantly out of order, kitchen sink water was off for over a month, and the ...

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3 years ago

RIP Haggett. I lived here freshman year because it was the cheapest dorm. We had to bring our own wifi routers, and couldn't adjust our room's temperature so I was always hot. I was lucky and had a room right by the bathroom, but if you were unlucky you would have to walk through the common room to ...

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3 years ago

Best dorm for making friends because of the centrally located lounges and floor-wide bathrooms (that the janitors keep pretty clean). Unfortunately, haggett is now permanently closed.

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4 years ago

Yo why is the kitchen in the trash room isn't that illegal. People are pretty social here but the rooms and facilities suck big time. You get used to it, but after living in nicer places since then I could never come back. Well not voluntarily at least.

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