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1 year ago

As good as a dorm gets at UW and it has the convenience of being right next to the dining hall that you will go to for every meal.

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1 year ago

I am currently in Willow Hall with three other roommates and the square footage per person is way bigger than some of the other dorm rooms. Location wise, it is the best. You are on campus, away from all the street(Ave) drama, safer, next to majority of classes and the food hall is literally one ele...

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3 years ago

Willow hall is a very optimal hall, relative to the other north campus halls. This is mostly due to the fact that the main North campus amenities are built directly into Willow. Otherwise, the rooms are perfectly fine, with a few caveats, such as some (not significant) space limitations, and a fault...

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3 years ago

Private bathrooms are a waste of money, and you can't use them at the same time as your roommate obviously. Lounges aren't as nice as, say, Maple. Very strange room layout and furniture situation. I recommend Maple instead based on what i've seen of my friends there.

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3 years ago

The building itself is very comfortable and clean and the dining hall in the basement is super convenient. Since North campus is relatively secluded it takes longer to get to the Ave or any shopping area, but if you ask me it's worth it for the relative quiet and feeling of safety. Some of the other...

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