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Here are the 5 best dorms at Northeastern University. This ranking was put together based off of what students rated Northeastern dorms on the RateMyDorm Northeastern Page.

    West Village G Northeastern University

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 6 Northeastern students

    "West G is a good dorm, the weird building shape creates even weirder room shapes but it can be unique looking at some points. They made each apartment with a lot of windows so you get some great views. The appliances are old but at least they work properly. You get a pantry and apple kitchen storage too. The bathroom has a separate toilet/shower area that is separated from your sink area. Everything is covered in carpet so maybe invest in some carpet cleaner because that will always smell. It is a good dorm but extremely expensive. If money is not an issue this is a nice and easy living situation. But if you are frugal you can find way better off-campus with a less than 15 min commute. The location is also nice since it is close to mini Wollastons and Marino. However, if your first class is in EV it will be a bitch of a 15-20 minute walk in the winter months."

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 4 Northeastern students

    "Room was one of three doubles within the suite. We shared a kitchen, living room with dining table adjacent, and 2 bathrooms. One of the more expensive options on campus but also one of the nicer buildings and rooms at this price-point."

    Rated 4.8 / 5 stars by 3 Northeastern students

    "Lived in an apartment style room with a double and a single. Each room had a window per bed. Super nice kitchen that had a garbage disposal, lotsof space and dishwasher. The bathroom had two sinks and a door between the sinks and the shower+toilet so you could get ready while someone else was using the actual bathroom. Each room has the keypad lock that locks automatically when it closes so you need your husky card on you to get back in your room but you don't have to punch in your pin. It's definitely one of the nicer places on campus which is why its SOOOO expensive. I loved it but I couldn't justify the price after being there. I don't think you need all these things and I had less room in my double in west b than I did in my double freshman year. There was like 1 washer that was out of service like the entire year. One elevator went out of service like four times which is so fine and it's whiny to complain about but it SUCKS when you're paying that much. Wollaston's being downstairs is also nice especially when you just need one ingredient and it's snowing outside however if youre prone to compulsive snacking it could become a problem. (source: me. im the snacker). I don't know... if you aren't taking out loans and have the money and the selection number go for it, but I would recommend saving that money focusing on paying off loans before you start accruing interest after you graduate (depending on your loans idk im just a college student not a financial advisor)"

    Rated 5 / 5 stars by 1 Northeastern student

    "The absolute best place to live on campus. I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with one other person and it was luxurious, but it is also the most expensive place to live on campus. Private bathroom, private room, updated appliances, fantastic heating/cooling, no proctors. 6th-floor rooms have balconies with the doorknobs taken off, but the wind has blown them open several times. There is also a weird tendency for power outages that you should be aware of but typically aren't a problem. You have to buy your own internet which costs around $50 a month divided by the people you live with. Northeastern does give you a $100 credit for the semester for wifi, Laundry is outrageously expensive in the building with a wash and dry coming out to $8. You will have a fantastic semester here, it will just cost you an arm and a leg if you do not have housing scholarship/aid"

    Rated 5 / 5 stars by 2 Northeastern students

    "Nice and quiet and clean. Great for a studio single. Really central location, 100% recommend. Hard to get unless you have a good housing number."

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