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Any of the housing options in the Village are by far the best! Living in the Village is just so convenient because you basically live next to Target, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, CAVA, etc. The Village is also really pretty and it's a great spot for students to socialize so you never have to worry about not really having a social life when you're in the Village all the time. The dorms are clean and the hallways always smell nice, at least from my experience.

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in my opinion, any of the housing in the village is pretty good, the structure and layout are all pretty similar. With lounges and laundry rooms on each floor, it's all very nice. The rooms are very clean, come with AC, and are spacious. Each room has a big window for sunlight and gives a beautiful view of the sun setting depending on which side of the buildings you're in.

I was a freshman during Covid so I never got to stay in a real dorm but, I stayed in Cowlings and Illium in the USC Village which are residential apartments. I lived in a 6 person 3 bedroom suite with a kitchen and living room on the fifth(top floor). We had a full panoramic view of Hollywood, Griffith, and downtown. Although not every room has such a nice view, the rooms are new, clean, air conditioned, and spacious. Its location is also amazing, being right in the Village where all the shops, cafes, and grocery stores are and a crosswalk away from campus. With that being said any building in the Village is really nice and pretty similar, but also extremely competitive.

From what I've heard around campus and from the reviews of it on this website already, I know that Cowlings and Ilium Residential College is one of the best dorms at USC. It's in the same building as Trader Joe's and Target, which is super convenient, and is surrounded by everything in the Village (Dulce, CAVA, Starbucks, etc). I've visited friends who live there and their space is great for the price and location. Highly recommend!