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Best freshmen dorms at USC?


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Birnkrant is a co-ed dorm, which gives a great opportunity for students to socialize with a wide variety of people. Try to live in McCarthy Honors if you're able to! They have a ton of perks and they're located in the Village so the overall location is great. It is also right where the dining hall is.

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Birnkrant is an amazing choice since the floors are split co-ed, it's a great chance to meet other people coming into college. I've met a lot of my friends from Birnkrant and we are still in touch ever since my freshman year. It's the typical college dorm of a long hallway with rooms on each side and then bathrooms in the middle.

Socializing: Birnkrant Comfortable place to live with AC/more space: Parkside If you want to party all the time: New North If you are hella smart: McCarthy Honors