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    Rated 3.5 / 5 stars by 1 Texas A&M student

    "I didn't spend much time in Dunn Hall. It's not fancy, but it's a bed. You should know that as of Spring 2020 there are no closet doors, and the closet is this particular green color. Rooms aren't large, big enough for me and my roommate to have our own 5x7 rugs. Beds can be lofted, but don't have to be. I had one roommate, and two suite mates. We all shared a bathroom. Bathroom is a little dark, but totally usable. Bathroom locks from both sides. Walls are a little thin, but as long as no one is yelling, it's fine. Huge courtyard in the middle is great for late night study breaks. Fun community, active on group me. Lived in Dunn 2 years, would have stayed if they had singles."

    Rated 3.8 / 5 stars by 2 Texas A&M students

    "My ratings explained: 4 stars for the room. I was in a single bed per room suite, so I had a decent amount of space to myself. However, the room was a bit full when I brought in my computer setup, and there wasn't a ton of storage space left for cookware and spare linens. My room also only had 1 window, so while I had some natural light, the room didn't feel super open. Sound insulation between rooms is OK... Not great, but I can't clearly hear my neighbor's conversations. 3 stars for the building. The community lounges are nice, and the custodial staff keeps things clean -- except for trash. Trash can pile up sometimes in trash rooms or trash cans, which smells. However, in the rooms, there is gigabit ethernet running through TAMU's private fiber lines, which is simply amazing. Hot / cold water can sometimes be sub-optimal, but in general it works. The biggest issue with the building is that if you look at your contract, they can hold you liable for any damages. My first year here, there was a ton of damages and they apparently were going to charge us for them, despite many issues with the access control system breaking throughout the year... Also, yes we do have elevators. Unless half of them break down 1 week into the semester and take until week 6 to get fixed. Bathroom wise: Private bathrooms. Custodial does a decent job cleaning them once a week or once every other week... The showers are horrible. The shower head is junk, and the showers are tiny. But, (when it works), there is tons of hot water available... Just be careful that the hot and cold water don't get flipped. Location is a big one. It's right next to Northgate. That's either a bonus or a con. It's also right next to the train tracks. That one is usually a con. I was lucky to get a room facing the inner courtyard, which cuts down on noise a LOT. The issue with Northgate is that if someone comes inside while drunk, and trashes the place, then ResLife is going to try and charge everyone to fix the damage. So my overall take: Probably the best dorm on campus. Yes, off campus apartments are WAYYYY better value, but if you must stay in a dorm, then this one is probably the best. Bring a decent air filter for when someone decides to smoke up the whole building, and bring a vacuum cleaner to get the dust off all your stuff, and the junk off the floors."

    Walton Hall Texas A&M University

    Rated 3.9 / 5 stars by 3 Texas A&M students

    "The dorm is small and cramped so know what you're getting before signing up for it. The main pros, however, are excellent. Walton dorms are one of the cheapest dorms on campus and they are located at a very convenient location."

    Rated 4 / 5 stars by 1 Texas A&M student

    "It’s a solid modular dorm, closest one to the southside garage so it’s convenient if you know you’ll drive a lot. Building just got new washers and dryers and a kitchen over this past summer. Overall the dorm room itself is really nice, plus semi-private bathroom."

    Rated 4.1 / 5 stars by 3 Texas A&M students

    "This dorm's best feature is its location. It is close in proximity to a lot of things, including Sbisa Dining Hall, the Hullabaloo Game Room and 24/7 Community Learning Center, and the Memorial Student Center. I had a bike on campus but I found myself walking a lot more than I expected. The dorm room layout is pretty nice. It's a modular dorm, which is, in my opinion, the best type of dorm on campus. It's quite spacious, has its own bathroom (which is cleaned once every week by cleaning staff), and has decently-sized closets. The desks are pretty long; I was able to put my two monitor PC setup on them and still have extra desk space. You can rent or bring your own microwave and fridge. You don't get much privacy if your roommate ends up spending a lot of time in the dorm, so be prepared for that. The community spaces aren't as good compared to other dorms. If you're into that, consider Lechner which is right across from McFadden; they have a larger community room. In McFadden, there are some chairs in every hallway that people usually study or hangout around. My RA was pretty great. Her and the RA's of the other floors would often host events, including a free headshot photo shoot and events about learning about different resources offered by A&M. I think I've covered all the bases here. Overall, living at McFadden Hall for my freshman year was a pleasant experience and it was very worth it for its price. Definitely consider living here!"

    Appelt Hall Texas A&M University

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 2 Texas A&M students

    "Appelt is the last all male dorm on campus. It is right next to the commons and is spacious since it is a modular dorm. Bathroom is nice and only shared between you and your roommate. Shower is a little small however."

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 1 Texas A&M student

    "There’s a sink in the bedroom which is great for a number of reasons! The room was great too because I had it all to myself because my roommate upgraded to a single! The furniture was pretty light so I was able to make a double bed and overall it’s pretty spacious. The shared bathroom is regularly cleaned as well so I had no complaints for the most parts! The only negative thing was sometimes it was a bit of a chore to run to the bathroom (luckily I lived right next to it!) and doing laundry on the first floor was a hassle. You have to time it properly or else you’ll have to wait for one to open and I recommend having a rolling or backpack carrier for your laundry (I chose backpack because there was only a stairwell). Attached is a photo of the normal room and the room when I pushed the beds together to make mega bed—you can’t see mega bed but you can see how tall the ceiling can go when the lofted beds not there!"

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 4 Texas A&M students

    "The dorm is very nice. However, if noise bothers you when you sleep then be sure to get some ear plugs. There are definitely quieter dorms."

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 4 Texas A&M students

    "Living at Haas was pretty enjoyable. It was in close proximity to a lot of buildings such as Sbisa (Dining Hall) and the MSC (Center of campus). Having my own bathroom was a bonus as well - custodial workers cleaned it once every week. Be prepared to live with a roommate. Overall a very positive living experience! "

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 2 Texas A&M students

    "The room is nice and spacious for two people + ESA. It’s possible have both floors not lifted and still have space for the desks, dresser, and bookshelf, etc. Along with any fridges/microwave you buy. Thing i liked most was that the toilet and shower was seperate from the sink area by a door. The provided full length mirror was a great thing to have in this area. The only issue i ever ran into was near the end of spring semester which was just a leaky pipe/faucet. Some things that are close to you: • ⁠Commons Dining Hall • ⁠Southside Rec (it’s new and it’s way better than going all the way to the main rec to workout and stuff) • ⁠Southside Parking Garage (doesn’t even take more than 3 minutes to get to the car, which is great especially when you have groceries to carry) but i believe Lot 40 is also nearby Things in Wells you might benefit or enjoy: • ⁠1st & 2nd floor are LLCs for Geo and Meteorology I believe (I’m a math major on the first floor so not all hope is lost if you’re hoping for one of those floors) • ⁠3rd floor is all boys and 4th floor is all girls • ⁠The Community Kitchen is in good condition compared to some other kitchens on campus and there’s a few things that were bought for the kitchen (pots, pans, waffle thing, spatulas, you get the idea) • ⁠The TV lounge just got a bean bag chair (Spring 2023) and a nice speaker which makes it good for movie/binge watch nights • ⁠They have some of the bigger modular’s compared to other dorms (biggest ones you can get other than Hullabaloo) The Cons of Living in Wells/On Southside: • ⁠You’re not in the “main” social hub of campus because you’re not near hullabaloo, but honestly if you just hang around the MSC our outdoors enough you’ll find plenty of random people to talk to • ⁠You’re farther from Northgate. If you’re planning on going to party in Northgate, then Wells will be quite the walk to and from (especially if your feet hurt by the end of the night)"

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