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Here are the highest rated University of Connecticut dorms. This ranking was put together based off of what students rated UConn dorms on the RateMyDorm UConn Page.

    Rated 3.7 / 5 stars by 5 UConn students

    "Lived in McMahon both freshman and sophomore year. Freshman year in a standard sized double and sophomore year in the corner rooms. I’d highly suggest trying to snag a corner room if you can as the huge space is definitely worth it. The pros of Mcm are its location, dining hall, laundry, and mailroom within the building, as well as multiple lounges available for studying and an elevator lounge on each floor. The cons of Mcm would definitely be the standard sized rooms, and the bathrooms depending on the floor you live on. The shower stalls are a bit of a plus as there’s a separate changing area, but it can get a little gross of your floor mates are not as clean. Overall a really great place to live and would spring for it if one has the chance. Truly McFam for life!"

    Northwest University of Connecticut

    Rated 3.8 / 5 stars by 8 UConn students

    "Northwest is probably the best area for Freshmen to live in. Anyone is allowed to live here but I feel like a lot of freshmen do. It's a 10 min walk from the center of campus which isn't bad at all. The rooms here are about 151 sq ft which is not that big but not too small. The desks in the room are perfect! Plus they have shelves attached to them which are so useful for decorations and storage. I was in Russell Hall, and the bathrooms were spacious and fairly clean, depending on who you're living with. Lofting/bunking is not permitted because the ceilings are low however, I bought bed risers to raise my bed to a good height. Also, Northwest has one of the better dining halls on campus!"

    Rated 3.8 / 5 stars by 5 UConn students

    "Location is unmatched, bathrooms were recently renovated and are pretty nice. I lived in a corner room and yeah the set-up is a little weird with both "closet" spaces next to each other on one side, but definitely manageable. McMahon dining hall is right across the street and South dining hall is close too. But let's be honest, you can just look at menus on the myuconn app and go to whatever dining hall you want so there aren't any issues."

    Rated 4.2 / 5 stars by 6 UConn students

    "Incredible cozy dorm with a five minute walk to the rec center or student union. Includes a small kitchen for anyone in the building to use, inbuilding laundry, same floor trash disposal, and private bathrooms per each 6 person suite. Only real complaints are bad positioning of the heating/fan leading to poor airflow and the fact that the rooms get a little cramped unless someone is willing to loft their bed. Putnam is an incredible dining hall, so you can't go wrong with your food here. Overall a fantastic dorm made even better if you can fill the room with few friends. Protip: if the showers start getting weirdly cold, call a work order."

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 10 UConn students

    "Probably the best option available to freshman. I love the location and proximity to dining halls. The dorms are traditional doubles with a few singles and triples (no suites). Watson is the best, there’s the mailroom and kitchenette though the latter is nothing special and is not wheelchair accessible. Watson has a water fountain and 2 vending machines on the ground floor in the lounge. Having 2 elevators is handy to reduce wait times. The heating is strong as hell in the winter and there's no AC in the summer so bring an oscillating tower fan. "

    Rated 4.4 / 5 stars by 6 UConn students

    "I have a single in Holcomb (Sophomore year) and LOVE it! I would return if I wasn't getting an apartment next year. It is an all-female dorm but non-binary people who were born female are welcome as well! My room isn't too small and it's super cozy. I love the look and feel of the overall building and common room. Because it's old it does have it's problems (western conifer seed bugs, some toilets are easily clogged, no elevator) but overall it's in good condition! It has a kitchen which is nice, but the times I've been there it hasn't been the cleanest (residents are in charge of the main messes they make). The main road can be a little loud at times, but it hasn't been too bothering. Everyone is super kind and it's just a nice spot to be! I HIGHLY recommend."

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 2 UConn students

    "I absolutely loved my apartment styled dorms while living on campus. From the marble counter tops, full size kitchen and living room, to the high ceilings of the 6th floor penthouses. I wish that I could rent an apartment at UConn stamford, but now I go to Storrs and the dorms at Storrs cant even compare to the dorms in Stamford. If you are thinking about going to Stamford, or even sad that you're going to Stamford and not Storrs you will be happily surprised that the dorms are the best aspect of the campus as a whole. Plus everyone is close by, everyone is welcoming, people love cooking for their neighbors, and parties in the apartments top and basement frat party you'll get at Storrs. I have lived in each styled dorm they offer (single, double, triple, even a 5 person apartment) I promise you the dorms are spectacular. "

    Hilltop Apartments University of Connecticut

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 5 UConn students

    "I lived in Stowe Building at Hilltop Apartments. PROs- close to the “entrance”/“front” of the apartments, right next to community center/bus stop, parking is next to the building, a lot of parking spots CONs- choosing to walk to rec center (14 mins) / I’ve almost always opted for the bus (bus comes petty frequently < download Passio GO! to see bus route live) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4/5 : the reason I gave this rating for location is just because of the 14 min walk if you choose to, but it’s really not bad. Quite a humbling experience the first 2 weeks of semester but you’ll get used to it."

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 7 UConn students

    "Lived in a four person suite in Snow (shared bathroom, two double rooms and a common area). Best dorm location on campus in my opinion. Decent dining hall, has AC and is pretty spacious. The closets have tons of room in them which helps the fact that they don't give you dressers there. Several study rooms on each floor which helps a lot if you find you prefer studying not in your room but are unable (or don't want) to go to the lib. Great place to live, I loved it there."

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 10 UConn students

    "Welcome to Werth! I, personally, lived here in a traditional double two years - freshman and sophomore. Both years, I lived on the 2nd floor. Because of this, I could hear people walking in and out of the building. For this reason, despite the AC (which works really well, *and* you can actually adjust it) I would still recommend buying a fan or white noise machine. Besides that, the rooms are great, you're right by most of campus (the Union is only 5 minutes away, and your classes are all within 10 minutes unless you have to walk all the way to Horsebarn Hill), and the lounges are amazing. The dining hall, Putnam, has a great atmosphere, but the actual food is leagues better next door at Northwest and McMahon (which also have better hours). The bathrooms can be kind of a zoo sometimes but are still leagues better than what you'd find at The Jungle. Overall, would reccommend. "

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