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1 year ago
Verified Student

I lived in Stowe Building at Hilltop Apartments. PROs- close to the “entrance”/“front” of the apartments, right next to community center/bus stop, parking is next to the building, a lot of parking spots CONs- choosing to walk to rec center (14 mins) / I’ve almost always opted for the bus (bus come...

Lived in a other room
1 year ago

I lived in grasso during COVID 2020-2021. This apt was the closest to the entrance so that was a plus and had a nice little area in the back where you can just chill outside. The rooms were awesome and the dorm was clean. Our floor was carpeted and the material of the kitchen and bathrooms were outd...

2 years ago

Hilltop 4 bed/ 2 bathroom is simply the best. You have a large common room, everyone gets their own room, and you have AC and laundry in your apartment. It really doesn't get better. Also the bus comes every 10 minutes so getting to the center of campus and back is easy. I personally enjoyed walking...

3 years ago

4 bedroom 4 person with 2 shared bathrooms. absolutely loved every aspect of it, this was the first time in my life I had my own bedroom (share with sibling at home) and the individuals bedrooms are very spacious, especially the D rooms. Recommend getting into a building closer to the entrance (Be...

3 years ago

Hilltop has high efficiency doubles (like a studio), 2br2ba, and 4br4ba. These are some of the hardest rooms to get because of how nice they are. Pro tip- 3rd floor has extra high ceilings which is great! You don’t have to have a meal plan, which can save lots of $$. It’s pretty close to the ice ska...

Lived in a double room