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3 months ago

I have a single in Holcomb (Sophomore year) and LOVE it! I would return if I wasn't getting an apartment next year. It is an all-female dorm but non-binary people who were born female are welcome as well! My room isn't too small and it's super cozy. I love the look and feel of the overall building ...

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3 years ago

I am currently living in Holcomb and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful dorm. Freshman year I was constantly being woken up by shouting and people banging on doors and walls, but I’ve never once had that problem in Holcomb. The lack of an elevator is a little tiring...

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4 years ago

I have lived in East Campus for three years - in a Holcomb double my sophomore year and in a Sprague single for my junior and senior years. I absolutely love this area of campus. It's very quiet and perfect for those who want to live on campus but also want a more adult, apartment-like atmosphere, w...

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4 years ago

Quiet dorm with nice architecture. Great place to live if you're an HDFS of anthro major bcs most if your classes will be within a 3 min walk. It's a longer walk to the main area of campus but if you're a person that likes walking like myself then it won't be an issue.

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4 years ago

Right next to one of the best dining halls on campus. Room was small but in good condition, and quite hot, which might be a plus depending on how much you like warmth (but the windows open if you need them to). No insects, rats, or other infestations, and it was very close to the downtown Storrs are...

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4 years ago

Holcomb is a hidden gem on campus. All girls, mostly upperclassmen who want to be left alone. Building was built in the 20s, therefore no elevator, not great heating, and no AC. But pro of that is that all of the rooms are a different size. Even the smallest single is massive. Being next to Whitney ...

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