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1 year ago

This hall is so bad that when you tell people you live there, they ask if you're in Briggs. I wasn't, and they all immediately ask why on earth I'd choose to live there. I had no choice. It's old and far from everything. Avoid if possible.

Lived in a double room
1 year ago

the room is actually pretty spacious and i think the bathroom is nice just small, the only thing i didn’t expect was that the desks do not come with drawers which is weird. The building itself is nice it’s just old there is a spartys which is nice but it’s closed on the weekends so you have to go to...

1 year ago

Being a briggsie in holmes is super convenient, especially freshman year. the rooms are older but can be very homey once you add your own things. the rooms are also decently sized especially if you lift your beds. bathrooms are suite style which i loved but you will need to clean them yourself. ther...

4 years ago

Overall, not a bad dorm to live in. There's a dining hall, and if you're in Briggs, a lot of your classes are downstairs. The rooms are pretty old though, but they're more spacious than a lot of others.

Lived in a double room