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1 year ago

Yakeley is a older dorm with no elevator. I heard someone on the second floor had mice and they told maintenance about it and they set some traps. The girls emailed them again to get the traps replaced but maintenance ignored there emails and phone calls. The bathrooms when moving inn were horrible ...

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1 year ago

I was worried about Yakeley at first, but I genuinely got so lucky to have that dorm. Community style bathroom is nice because you never have to wait for anyone to use the bathroom, also the older building style makes it very cozy and pretty. It’s the most perfect location in my opinion. Only downfa...

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1 year ago

I absolutely loved living in Yakeley. The location is super convenient because it’s right by Grand River where you can do any shopping you need to. There is also a huge field in the front where people picnic, study, and tan. Inside Yakeley, there are great sun rooms, a huge study lounge and a super...

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4 years ago

Room was the size of a closet, radiator made lots of noise and worked OK at best in the winter, very hot dorm with small / skinny windows (will not fit a box fan well), smelled how you would imagine one of the oldest dorm buildings to smell, no elevator, small gym with nothing special, computer room...

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