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3 months ago

I love love LOVE living on east campus. I'm in a double in Holcomb right now and planning to get a single in the same building for next year. Location is so pretty and it's a beautiful walk into the center of campus. People on my floor were very nice but mostly keep to themselves, which was a great ...

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2 years ago

Whitney has an actual dining hall in the building so when it's raining or cold its very convenient. HOWEVER.... the rooms are TINY but they do have full closets with doors on them so that's a plus... The bathrooms are not really clean but they don't wreak of urine so that's a plus considering Whitne...

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4 years ago

Although this dorm is quiet and you have the luxury of a dining hall in your building, Whitney is one of the worst spots you could live on campus if you plan on having a social life. Everyone in the dorm is very intoverted, and the opportunities to make friends are far and few between. Physically, t...

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4 years ago

Pros: -very quiet (everyone minds their own business) -super cool hall director with a dog!! -right above organic and mostly plant based dining hall -laundry in building -close to the farms and the dairy bar -feels like a home, not a dorm -close to the bus stops that bring you out of uconn Cons: -cl...

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