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3 years ago

This building is extremely nice. There is so much more space in the room and in the closet than I expected. The shared bathroom is nice to have and the shower works great. You have a sink in your room so it’s very convenient. The building is on the lower east side of the campus, but it is in a great...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

I lived in a single last year and I loved it. When you're in a single you have a massive amount of space for yourself and I only had to share the bathroom with another single next to me so it was 2 people to the bathroom. My floor was really close and so we had a ton of fun doing stuff together, and...

Lived in a single room
3 years ago

Compared to most dorms at the University of Florida, Cypress is a luxury. It is one of the few suite style dorms and it even has full xl size beds. The rooms are on the smaller side and the shared closet space is close together. For this room to be comfortable, it’s best to know your roommate becaus...

Lived in a double room