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1 year ago
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Nice location near the historic part of campus. Really close to the small gym and pool. However, you have to get to a different small building to do laundry and its an annoying 2 minute walk. It's a great 2 room double and if you're lucky you'll get a sink inside the room. Overall, was pretty clean ...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

BEST DORM EVER. We had a two room double. You get your own private room practically because we had a door separating the two rooms. Huge room for each person, AMAZING location, beautiful, and the communal bathroom is only used by 7 others so nobody is ever in there at the same time. Air conditioning...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

If you have the double suite there is a fairly comfortable amount of privacy but the dorm hall is relatively small so if you don’t get along with people in the building it can be awkward.

3 years ago

I lived in a two-room double, which is exactly what it sounds like. We had 2 rooms between my roommate and I....BUT one us had the “back” room and one of us had the “front” room. If you were in the back room, you could only get out of the room by walking through the front room. It was still better t...

3 years ago

Murphree has around 6-8 people to a bathroom, and is cleaned every week day. Located right across from the stadium as well as the majority of freshman classes.

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