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3 years ago

This is THE dorm to be in, especially as a freshman. The rooms are much bigger than the average UF dorm, you get a nice spacious closet, there's an elevator, and you only share the bathroom with 3 people instead of the whole floor. The halls themselves are pretty clean, the custodial staff comes onc...

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4 years ago

This would be the perfect dorm if it had Rawlings location. It is so far from anything and everything. Other than that, it is super quiet, large rooms, big private bathroom, and walk-in closets. Its one of the newest dorms, so you don’t see much of anything be run down. Never saw a bug inside. It ...

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4 years ago

Some floors of Springs have been renovated: Hardwood floors and raised beds to allow for a desk to fit underneath. Loved Springs so much and would have stayed here another year if I could’ve. Distance from class isn’t that much of a problem because the busses run 24/7.

Lived in a double room