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Best freshmen dorms at Northeastern?


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For freshmen, the best dorms are International Village, Stetson East, and Kennedy Hall. Also, East Village for honors students. IV and Steast are good options for freshmen because they’re in the same building as the dining halls, so they can easily walk downstairs to eat right from their rooms. Kennedy Hall is one of the nicer dorms located on Hemenway.

Northeastern University Housing

Northeastern University (NEU) is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts.

At Northeastern, there are a variety of different housing accommodations for students. Most first years live at traditional/suite-style type apartments. As a second year, most students live in apartment style accommodations such as the West Villages, or Davenport Commons A/B. These apartments are much more spacious and typically have common rooms and a kitchen. Upperclassmen who live on campus will have the options of choosing from various leased properties which are apart of apartment style accommodations.