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The best dorm at TAMU is undoubtedly Hullabaloo Hall. This makes sense considering its the newest and most expensive dorm hall on campus. Hullabaloo Hall is in close proximity to almost everything and has a ton of amenities, including a 24/7 Community Learning Center, a Starbucks, a convenience store, a game room, study rooms, music rooms, and community kitchens. The dorm layouts are also very spacious as well. Other than Hullabaloo, I'd say the next best dorms are what are commonly referred to as the North Side modulars (Neeley, Lechner, Haas, Clements, McFadden, and Hobby Hall). Modular dorms are often sought after due to being pretty spacious while also being pretty affordable compared to Hullabaloo. These dorms are also located close to lots of important buildings, including dining halls and the Memorial Student Center.

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