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Worst dorms at UC Berkeley?


The worst dorm is Foothill. I lived their my freshman hill and I hardly made any new friends. Sometime I hear good things but personally I did not have the best experience. Foothill is located on the north side of campus. There are so many stairs you have to climb so it takes so long to walk to the front of campus and classes. However, foothill is a more quiet dorm!

In my opinion, I find Foothill to be the worst dorms here because it's so distant away from the other dorms. Not to mention, it is up in north right section of campus and can be quite a decently steep walk to get up there.

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Although each location is unique, all Berkeley residence halls include live-in staff, community centers, on-site laundry, easy transportation access, and much more. The south campus residence halls are conveniently located two blocks from the south side of campus and are traditionally residential halls in the urban heart of Berkeley. The northeast campus residence halls are located on the quieter northeastern side of campus, nested within the Berkeley hills. The Southeast Campus Residence Hall is Clark Kerr, a mini-neighborhood in a residential area six blocks southeast of the main campus. This is the farthest residential hall from campus. UC Berkeley also offers apartment housing options, conveniently located a few blocks south side of campus. However, undergraduate apartments are only available to transfer or continuing students, not first-year students.