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Here are the highest rated Purdue University dorms. This ranking was put together based off of what students rated Purdue dorms on the RateMyDorm Purdue Page.

    Rated 3.7 / 5 stars by 4 Purdue students

    "Lived here in a 3 person high rise unit 2013-14 school year and friends lived in 2014-15 in 2 person low rise units so im well versed here. The units are indeed in nees of an update they are old but not awful. Had no major problems. They annoyance in my unit was the fridge blocked out kitchen light and needed a ruler to switch it on sometimes. The roominess was much appreciated compared to some of the other dorms although the ac doesnt really reach into the bedroom if yours is seperated. The main complaint everyone says is the distance. Its not god awful and there is the bus that run right in front of it. Id rather be here than most of the other dorms. Also enjoyed making my own meals."

    Rated 3.9 / 5 stars by 2 Purdue students

    "While Aspire was basically my only option to choose from, I was really excited to move in here. With the full kitchen, living space, and washer and dryer in unit, it was a big step up from the average dorm. The amenities are very nice, and if anything broke, the maintenance people would show up the next day. The full kitchen is totally worth it if you like to cook some of your meals. The bathroom was very spacious, and I only shared it with one person. The bedroom had a full bed instead of a twin and had carpet instead of cold tile floor - definitely felt more like a bedroom than my dorm room ever did. The location is a little far, but it is a straight shot down State Street. My only complaints are that it got a little lonely because I didn't know my roommates and we would all just shut our bedroom doors and not talk to one another and that the walls are pretty thin, so you can hear your roommates watching tv or people talking in the hallway. If you have the money, I'd definitely recommend it because you get what you pay for. "

    Cary Quadrangle Purdue University

    Rated 4 / 5 stars by 11 Purdue students

    "If you're not in the closets, Cary is great! The suite-style rooms are much bigger than my room in McCutcheon and having a semi-private bathroom is handy. Location is great, right next to academic campus and not too far of a walk from most big spots, besides other dorms. I love the atmosphere here too, the quad is nice to walk around and is lively during the warmer months. If you're a big sports fan, Mackey and Ross-Ade are right next door which makes game-day commute easy. Laundry can be a bit rough if you're not in the right building since only 2 of the 4 buildings have a laundry room (East and West iirc). My biggest gripes are that there are no water bottle fillers in East, which makes a Brita a must-have and that singles are extremely hard to come by outside of South. Otherwise, my time in Cary has been great so far. "

    Rated 4.3 / 5 stars by 4 Purdue students

    "I lived in Wood for my first two years at Purdue. I loved the building; it had so much character to it, there were many places to study, and I liked the tunnels. I never had a problem getting a washer/drying on the weekend. The bathrooms were cleaned well, but my second year some of the girls were so messy and did not clean up after themselves. I thought Windsor was in a great location, kind of in the center of campus. It was close to several dinning courts and had its own. Close to the co rec and 3rd street (Starbucks, mini mart, also Chick-fil-A and jersey mikes id across the street). Since the layout of the building was not a cookie cut-out, some of the rooms were weird.. my room had a lot of curves and nooks and it was awkward and smaller, but I’ve seen a lot of better rooms throughout Windsor! I always felt safe and comfortable at Windsor. It is a quieter dorm which was perfect for me, but if you want to make friends with everyone on your floor, may not be the best dorm. "

    Earhart Hall Purdue University

    Rated 4.4 / 5 stars by 9 Purdue students

    "I lived in Earhart during my freshman year. it's considered one of the nicer dorms as it has air conditioning and is a slightly newer building compared to others. It was a comfortable and clean place to live in. It gives off the standard dorm and college experience. The bathrooms were very updated and clean, making them really nice to use. The dorms were slightly small for a two-person but way better than the likes of Meredith or Cary hall. The other con is that it's pretty far away from the academic campus but there's a bus stop right outside so it's easy to commute. Overall a nice place to live for a freshman. "

    Rated 4.4 / 5 stars by 7 Purdue students

    "Very nice and clean rooms with private bathrooms (shared with your other 3 suitemates). My floor didn't really socialize so not recommended for freshman who are looking to make friends on your floor. Also it is the farthest dorm from academic campus and also downtown West Lafayette. However, the rooms are really nice, clean so it's worth it for that. "

    Meredith South Purdue University

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 3 Purdue students

    "After finishing my first year living at Meredith South, I think it is one of the best dorms to live at on campus. This year it was an all girls dorm. It’s new and modern with easily accessible amenities. The rooms are spacious with a big room giving natural light. The view from the dorm on the back side is nice too because you can see third street and Ross Aide. However, I recommend bringing extra dressers or shelves (horizontal space) as there is little storage space. The room also had a drawer that could be secured shut with your own lock. I have a photo below of my dorm, but know the hooks do not come with the dorm. The fridge and microwave set was also rented for the year from the university’s service. I was in a double on the fourth floor. Note the quads are also pretty spacious, but once again little storage space. The layout of the dorm is three “pods” on each floor with their own set of bathrooms. So you share the bathrooms with maybe 30-40 girls, not the whole floor. As for the bathrooms, there are two private and one communal bathrooms, all cleaned everyday around noon. The sinks, showers, and toilets are all newer (no stains, old handles). On each floor, there is plenty of study spaces, including a TV in A pods and private, soundproof room in C pods. These spaces also have plenty of natural lighting. As for food, there is a panera and qdoba by the lobby (very busy during meal swipe hours). Please let me know if you have any questions!"

    First Street Towers Purdue University

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 7 Purdue students

    "For a single-room dorm, First Street rooms are spacious enough for a small VR playspace and other full body activities—even without a bed loft. The amenities are very nice, which include a study space and two small lounges (both with a kitchen sink, microwave, and TV) on each floor, as well as two laundry rooms (with 2 washers and dryers) that come at no charge. The cleaning staff also come once a week to clean your bathroom, and each room has their own adjustable A/C. The bathroom is small in size (~20-25 sq/ft), but its maintained weekly and is very clean. With all that being said, the only disadvantage is the dorm’s location from classes; I have to walk at least 20-30 mins to my classes near the Engineering fountain, so I’d recommend investing in a bike, skateboard, bus or other mode of transport if you don’t like leaving early."

    Frieda Parker Hall Purdue University

    Rated 4.9 / 5 stars by 3 Purdue students

    "I lived here my sophomore year, which was the very first year this new building opened to students, and I really liked it because it was so new. The suite style rooms hold 2 double rooms, a private shower, a private toilet, and a common area where the sinks and front door are. The beds are able to be lofted or raised, but the closets are small and they don't have a sliding door to hide what's inside so you have to install your own curtain if you want to. There are multiple modern study spaces on each of the 6 floors as well as a Chick-Fil-A and Jersey Mikes (both accept meal plan swipes) on the first floor of the building. This residence hall is one of the closest to the academic side of campus but still right across from the Corec and other dining halls like Wiley or Windsor. I posted a full dorm tour on my YouTube channel so feel free to watch it for a better idea of what I'm describing! Link to watch:"

    Rated 4.9 / 5 stars by 8 Purdue students

    "best freshman dorm by far, if not one of the best dorms period. cheaper than the more expensive dorms and in my opinion, more nicer. i lived in a triple, which was pretty spacious and was able to fit all three of us pretty well (we all had alot of stuff lol). the closets are decent, if you have a normal amount of clothes the closet+ dresser will be perfect. I had alot of clothes so i invested in extra storage but it was very manageable. there are technically two dorms, North and South. I lived in south which was all girls, and north is co-ed (90% men tho). The north and south dorm are connected by an underground tunnel in the basement. the common areas are good, each floor has around 3 lounge areas for socializing or studying. south has a lobby common area which was fairly spacious. north had Cosi, which was like a soup sandwich place. North has a pool table and tennis in their basement. there are a decent amount of both social and academic events, there is a nice community here. it is a good location as it is in walking distance with everything, it is 5-10 minutes with 80% of the acedemic buildings here on purdue, and all the best places to eat. i think my only complaint with this dorm was laundry. going to the basement with a heavy load of laundry is always annoying, but the machines in the south basement never worked, so i had to haul it to the north basement."

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