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Here are the highest rated Northeastern University dorms. This ranking was put together based off of what students rated Northeastern dorms on the RateMyDorm Northeastern Page.

    Rated 4.4 / 5 stars by 9 Northeastern students

    "Great room, great bathroom, lots of space compared to other dorms, kitchen is good, natural light is pretty good. The building is super stale and no one really talks to each other (maybe just all upperclassmen dorms are this way). Location is pretty good but west village wind tunnel is real and this is prob the farthest dorm to a gym."

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 1 Northeastern student

    "The dorm is an apartment/Leased Property. Technically on campus housing but ‘off campus’ through the university. No proctor, you swipe in with your ID. (Which is good for getting packages). Good size living room & kitchen w/ pantry. Living room has a lot of light! Kitchen is regular size with an oven/stove/microwave + regular fridge. One bathroom. The bedrooms are regular size, a little bigger than freshman but nothing crazy. If 2 singles, 1 of the singles is a bit skinner than the other. If 2 doubles, the bigger ‘single’ is a double. Laundry + Trash is in the basement- with only 2 sets of washers/dryers that take huskyID (you pay for the others). Usually a double & 2 singles. building looks old but the insides are nicely Renovated & a really good value!! Would recommend as a non-dorm feeling! Only 5 apartments in the building."

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 1 Northeastern student

    "Hands down the best dorm on campus, especially if you can snag a room on the all-glass side of the building. Views are incredible and apartments come with all the standard enhanced-dorm fare: AC, fairly new appliances, great clean bathrooms, furnished living room, etc. One downside was the heating couldn't really keep up with the heat loss from the huge windows in the winter, especially at night, and the apartment could get pretty chilly. The furnishings were a little old, as with any dorm, but clean enough and easily serviced with a work request if anything was wrong. Aside from that, definitely recommend living here if you're lucky enough to get a good lottery number!"

    Willis Hall Northeastern University

    Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 14 Northeastern students

    "I lived here on campus for 8 fall + spring semesters in undergrad and it was probably honestly the most worth it for my money. The double rooms and living room space is definitely big enough for everyone to have their adequate storage space and the kitchen with the dishwasher and pantry provides even more space. The bathroom is split so that the toilet and shower are separate from the sink, which is super convenient if another roommate needs the sink. It’s also super convenient if you have most of your classes in Behrakis! :)"

    West Village G Northeastern University

    Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 6 Northeastern students

    "The appliances are a bit old, butt they’re usable. The location is kinda awkward and so is the building shape, but it’s still in a nice around campus. The lighting is pretty decent and so are the room sizes."

    Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 4 Northeastern students

    "I live in a 6 person apartment, with 3 doubles and 2 bathrooms. I also live in a handicapped accessible apartment, so it is a lot bigger and longer than the average apartment in WVF. The apartment faces WIllis hall, meaning I get little natural light. It's in an amazing part of campus, right next to Parker St, which leads to Mission Hills, and it's also right next to Centennial. It sucks a bit when it's cold, but the tunnels lead right up to Forsyth hall so I don't walk too long outside. "

    39 Dalton St (Old Sheraton Building) Northeastern University

    Rated 4.8 / 5 stars by 1 Northeastern student

    "I had a corner room where I could watch the sunset, (all corner rooms have two walls of windows) and I was also on the 22nd floor. The room itself is larger than most dorm rooms at Northeastern and is worth the price if you enjoy large amounts of space and don't mind walking a good 15 mins to classes and such. There is a bathroom for every room, (think hotel layout) and carpet floors, as well as a temperature regulation system in the room. Campus is far away, but the prudential literally right below you and if you take the T then transport to campus is also easy to figure out. There is a gym (being built as of April 2023) and there's a study room on the first floor. Laundry is in the building as well as a mail room inside, kinda expensive its 5 dollars a full cycle. Rooms are a bit dark if you do not buy a lamp or LEDS. Got this room because of NUIN, don't know if this is a permanent future dorm housing! but for any NUIN kids who wanted to know, this is what it is like! "

    Rated 4.8 / 5 stars by 3 Northeastern students

    "Great room with lots of natural light. Top floors have walls that are completely window so opening and closing the blinds can be annoying. Very clean and never problems with pests."

    Rated 5 / 5 stars by 1 Northeastern student

    "The absolute best place to live on campus. I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with one other person and it was luxurious, but it is also the most expensive place to live on campus. Private bathroom, private room, updated appliances, fantastic heating/cooling, no proctors. 6th-floor rooms have balconies with the doorknobs taken off, but the wind has blown them open several times. There is also a weird tendency for power outages that you should be aware of but typically aren't a problem. You have to buy your own internet which costs around $50 a month divided by the people you live with. Northeastern does give you a $100 credit for the semester for wifi, Laundry is outrageously expensive in the building with a wash and dry coming out to $8. You will have a fantastic semester here, it will just cost you an arm and a leg if you do not have housing scholarship/aid"

    Rated 5 / 5 stars by 2 Northeastern students

    "Your basic West Village apartment. They apartments in the middle of the building are a lot larger."

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