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1 month ago
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Dorms: Lafayette dorm rooms are usually larger than those in the other NYU halls. Suites have equipped kitchens with stove and fridge. A little far from campus (compared to other halls), but convenient if you have classes in both Brooklyn and Washington Square (Shuttles available). Facilities in th...

3 years ago

The dorm is in a neighborhood that could take some adjusting to, but honestly I fell in love towards the end! Soho, Little Italy, Tribeca, and of course Chinatown all a short walk away!! Go explore and you’ll find something you love.

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4 years ago

Laf is the largest NYU dorm and among the most unique. It was renovated from a factory not too long ago and you'll notice it in the weird hallway and room layouts. Due to some kind of fire code or zoning regulation there are a lot of air-gapped rooms which are completely un-noise-insulated from the ...

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4 years ago

Laf is weird because the lower floors definitely have a roach problem and some rooms have ventilation gaps (they mark it on the floor plan, though) so that definitely takes away from the can also have up to 6 people in one suite so that's nice and also not nice depending on who you're ...

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