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1 year ago

cons: room is a decent size but not worth it for what they’re charging. my friend’s standard double was bigger. building constantly reeks of weed and the smell comes into my room. elevators are iffy and literally will start going with the door open. security guards are rude when you want a package. ...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

Lived here and was not the most amazing place. Nice during COVID with no proctors and living off campus feel but the amenities are not good. Super expensive laundry and rooms vary depending on what number on the floor you get.

Lived in a quad room
3 years ago

There's also a dishwasher. You can ship packages here or resmail. There's no proctor, but there is a security guard hired by the building. Windows aren't great cause they let in a lot of street noise and laundry is expensive, but would recommend overall.

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

Rooms are really big which is the biggest plus. Had some issues with the room after moving in (washing machine broke, kitchen light broke, water leaking from ceiling), but was able to get most of the issues resolved very quickly. Rooms also has no overhead lights except the kitchen so prepare to bri...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

It's fine. The rooms and apartment itself is pretty big. The building itself can be kinda sketchy and you have to pay for your laundry and wifi. But it's nice to have that off-campus vibe while still being on-campus/close to everything.

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

The living room was massive! It’s in kinda a sketchy spot (entrance on Tremont street) so people have gotten mugged right by the entrance before. The kitchen was a good size for 2 people. Bedroom was kinda small, but the living room totally made up for it. Building is kinda gross and run down. Entir...

Lived in a double room