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3 years ago

I had a terrible freshman dorm so West C was a MASSIVE upgrade. The building itself is really nice and the apartments are all very spacious. We might have had one of the best apartments in the building as it was bigger than any other on campus apartments I’ve seen. Our living room walls were entirel...

Lived in a single room
4 years ago

Elevators were super slow and somewhat sketchy, had to call facilities a few times for leaks.

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

IMO this is the best dorm option for sophomores. The rooms and furniture were simple and the kitchen was fairly basic but having access to a full kitchen + living room was very nice. I was pleasantly surprised by how much cabinet space the kitchen had. The best thing about this dorm is probably the ...

Lived in a quad room
4 years ago

I lived in a three single, one double (five total) apartment that looked out to Wollaston's. It had floor to ceiling windows which were absolutely beautiful. The kitchen was dated but spacious, and clean. The bathrooms were fine, just super dated. Everything worked for the most part. The furniture w...

Lived in a single room
4 years ago

I lived in a 5 person apartment (3 singles, 1 double). The living room/kitchen area was spacious and I liked the layout a lot.

Lived in a single room