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2 months ago

Lived in apartment side townhouse. You don't get to choose your room out of the 4 available so that kinda sucks since I was assigned the smallest one which is like half the size of the largest room (literally what the fuck was the designer smoking). The room is still okay though, great view of the c...

Lived in a single room
4 years ago

I enjoyed living at Martinez as a transfer, but if I were going to do the whole experience all over again I would probably have some reservations. Yes, location and amenities at the building are good, however I had issues with water (?) leaks that appeared over my bed intermittently throughout the y...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Probably one of the cleanest dorms on campus, maid service comes everyday and they are so friendly! There's a bunch of study rooms, lounges, a TV room, etc. Easily one of the most social dorm living situations too. BEST LOCATION FOR A DORM. It's right across from Crossroads (dining hall) & by Telegr...

Lived in a double room
4 years ago

Martinez is mostly for transfers and upperclassmen. The building has both regular dorm rooms and apartment-style units. I lived in a regular double room. It’s the second-newest building on campus, so everything is still very clean and modern (although it lacks the hotel-like feel of Blackwell, the n...

Lived in a double room