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Best dorms at BU?


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Stuvi 2 and Fenway. Stuvi 2 is really nice but usually for upperclassman or for people would get pulled in by others. Riverway in Fenway is really nice because it is a newer dorm and there are single bathrooms on each floor.

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I think it's either Stuvi 1/2 or Myles. These are the newer dorms on BU campus.

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Stuvi 1/2. Relatively new dorms that are really nice with really good views if you live on a high floor.

Definitely 55 Buswell near St Mary's station. So quaint and quiet. Chill neighborhood, but still poppin. Easy for students to cross the central or questrom bridge and head to class. Have stores near you, walkable to fenway area, and have whole foods and restaurants and a convenient store next door. Its like a branch out from campus but like still right there.

The best dorm on the west side of campus is Stuvi 2 (suite style and apartments) but also the most expensive. This is only for upperclassmen and occasionally sophomores. The best dorm on the east side of campus is Myles Standish Hall (suite style) mostly for upperclassmen and occasionally sophomores.

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Boston University (BU) is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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BU dorms come in a few different styles: large traditional-style, small-traditional style, and apartment-style; then there is Student Village and Fenway campus. Most commonly, first-year students choose between Warren Towers and West Campus. They're best for first-years for the social aspect and the in-building dining hall. Second-years usually move on to brownstones or the other traditional-style dorms like Hojo or Myles Standish. Many upperclassmen stay in apartment style dorms or StuVi for the kitchen.