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Best freshmen dorms at BU?


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West and Myles Standish are pretty good! West usually has the most freshmen and its near a lot of food places and Allston. Myles is really nice but hard to get as a freshman. Warren is good but often loud. It houses a lottt of students and like West, they have communal bathrooms.

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Probably West or Warren if you want to meet other Freshmen

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West or Warren. Good place to meet other freshmen and are close to the dining hall.

Myles Standish! Loved it so much, I stayed till soph year! Right next to questrom too!

The most popular spot is either West or Warren but both have their pros and cons. - West is known as the more social dorm but the location is on the farthest side of campus, the dining hall isn't that great, and no common spaces on each floor. - Warren is really central and all three towers are connected along with the dining hall which is better than west. People either love or hate Warren. - The last option is The Towers is in east campus but is known as a more quiet dorm yet it really depends on who lives on your floor. The beds are lofted, there are common spaces on each floor, and rooms are slightly larger than west and warren. Good location if you have a lot of classes in Questrom or on the east side of campus.