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Best freshmen dorms at UC Davis?


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The three housing areas all have their advantages and disadvantages. In Segundo, the dorms are a bit more outdated compared to Tercero and Cuarto, but you will usually only have one roommate. Location is the best as you are a 5 minute walk to the gym, and still close to classes and library. Tercero is good location also being near classes and the nicest dining hall in Latitude, but is also closest to the cows so during the hot months you will smell cows if you have your window open. Lastly, cuarto has the newest dorms and are suite style with your own bathroom, but location is the worst and to get anywhere on campus requires biking or taking the bus as you are around a 30 minute walk from classes. So if location matters, tercero and segundo, and if nicer dorms are more important to you, cuarto is your best bet.

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Tercero & Segundo are generally good in terms of location (walkable to classes) whereas in Cuarto you'll find yourself having to bike all of the time or take the bus.