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Worst dorms at UCR?


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There's pros and cons and stereotypes that everyone knows of at UCR when it comes to dorms, but I heard that Aberdeen-Inverness was the least exciting. It's pretty social in AI, but it's one of the older dorms and the utilities and bathrooms aren't as nice as the others.

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The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is a public research university in Riverside, California.

There are 4 dorms that are available to freshmen: Aberdeen-Inverness (AI), Dundee, Pentland Hills, and Lothian (East and West). Lothian and AI are your typical dorms, Pentland is a suite-style, and Dundee is similar to a hotel. Dundee and Lothian have their own dining halls which is a plus. Glen Mor and North District are popular on-campus apartment options for second-years and up. Falkirk, The Plaza, and Bannockburn are relatively inexpensive apartments but do not come with furniture. Stonehaven is a gated community.