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2 months ago

Glenmor is one of the most trash apartments I've ever been in, and what really pisses me off is the price. We are forced to pay $1450 per month and only get a coffin sized bedroom as well as a SHARED bathroom. I look around and I wonder how people can be such dumbfucks to choose such a shit shack ap...

Lived in a single room
1 year ago

I live in New Glen Mor building G with three roommates. You get your own room and you only share a bathroom with one other person. The furniture is great, but I wish the closet was bigger. The bathroom was very similar to the one I have at home which is nice. The kitchen is very nice and there’s lot...

Lived in a suite room
3 years ago

I lived in old Glen Mor, Building B and I thought it was very clean. I had room to myself and had 3 other apartment-mates. There is a decent size closet. Big windows in the living room with verticle white sliding blinds. There are 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The building is already fu...

Lived in a quad room
4 years ago

All the rooms are singles, which is really nice even though they’re small, but you get a pretty good size closet, and good size window. I lived in E building (old Glen mor) and the location was great it was right across from scotty’s and very close to the rest of campus. You only share your bathroom...

Lived in a quad room