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1 year ago
Verified Student

The building is one of the newest of BU’s dorms so the amenities are pretty good! The bathrooms are cleaned daily so they are often pretty clean, unless the occasional person leaves their stuff or paper towels. I’m in a triple and its really spacious! We have a lot of natural light coming in from bi...

Lived in a triple room
1 year ago

It’s a really nice building, but it’s HOT in the winter in my single. Most BU dorms have this issue, but the thermostat in my room regularly (as in everyday) reads 76-77 degrees at the lowest possible setting. For such a nice building with AC and modern heating in each room, I wouldn’t expect this t...

Lived in a single room
3 years ago

Everything was pretty good ! At human scale, not like Warren. Conveniences are fine, the only thing is that the dining hall is closing quite early in the evening.

Lived in a triple room
4 years ago

One of the cleanest and most modern dorms on campus. Building is really nice. No communal bathrooms and AC in each room. Fenway dining hall is really good. Get ready for a 15 minute walk to class though. The Fenway bus is spotty.

Lived in a double room