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1 year ago
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Gilmore is an old building, you could tell the bathroom and hallway is quit old. The location is amazing, it’s right next to the Dining Common, Store, and Service Center.

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4 years ago

Loved living in Gilmore! It was the closest dorm to the DC and also the closest to the gym! Segundo is the place to be because it has the best dining commons, is right next to the sports stadiums and is close to the gym! Even though Gilmore wasn't at the center of Segundo, it was at the center of al...

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4 years ago

Best location for sure. Super close to the DC, the Arc, the Service Center, and Russel Blvd (Rite Aid, Trader Joe's, and most of the frat+srat houses)

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4 years ago

Pretty standard for Segundo Dorms. All segundo forms are similar. Gilmore is close to Segundo DC which is the best DC on campus. Relatively close to the Arc and main campus. Pretty standard fair. Close to frat row (Russell Blvd).

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