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1 year ago
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I shared a dorm with 2 roommates at Laben Hall. It was definitely pretty confined, but there was ample personal storage for everyone with a cabinet, dresser, and desk for each person. There were several bathrooms on each floor, each with 3+ sinks, several stalls, and at least one shower. They were c...

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4 years ago

We had many lounge spaces to utilize. The bathrooms always worked and we're cleaned often. The double room provided enough space for all of our things, had good lighting, and had good temperature control.

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4 years ago

Other than the shitty ac, its a pretty great place. You have a study lounge on each floor! That saved me during the finals week as I wanted to have a quiet place to study, and the library and 24 study room were full.

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4 years ago

Very traditional dorm hall and room design. 4 stories, but drinking water, kitchen, and laundry are only on the 1st floor, which is a little annoying, but overall it's pretty good. Close to stem related halls so if that's your major you'll be close to classes you'll be taking.

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4 years ago

I liked Laben Hall. On bathrooms, they're all communal but there are many, including non gendered ones, so finding privacy isn't usually a problem. There are also two private single-room bathrooms on the first floor which is a major plus. Even though Laben Hall is the single oldest dorm in all of Te...

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