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1 year ago

Scrub Oak is a very desirable dorm in my opinion. It has one of the best location as you are essentially next to the DC as well as being really close to a lot of classes. It is also a pretty new building and offers everything a dorm should have.

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2 years ago

Scrub oak is in a very convenient location; right next to the dc and close to many classes. if you have class in the scrub oak auditorium, you'd just have to go downstairs.

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3 years ago

I LOVED living at Scrub; it's really close to the DC, rooms are really big compared to my room back home (except Singles are like average room size?); furniture was sturdy, I half lofted my bed. Really close to all my classes as an engineering major.

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3 years ago

Scrub oak is a relatively new building in the tercero area. Well maintained and clean. Good location close to dining halls. Rooms are kind of small though. Communal kitchen downstairs. Lots of study and social areas. There is 1 private bathroom on the first floor.

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