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3 years ago

I thought it was pretty comfortable. it is really useful if you are premed in hope to go to med school or something related to health since your RA and the peer advisors that go help you a lot whether you should take certain classes or not.

Lived in a triple room
3 years ago

I lived really close to the stairs, and right across the hall from the gender neutral bathroom. Pros: -having a double gave me a lot of space -right next to bathroom, so was super easy to go back and forth when showering, and just more convenient in general -I was next to the stairs, so for more so...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

This Hall is where I spent a good majority of my 3 years at Davis thus far. I met like a third of my college friends here in the Health Sciences living community, met my significant other as the boy next door, learned how to cook in the communal kitchen, studied for literally 100s of hour in the mai...

Lived in a double room