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1 year ago
Verified Student

The location was a little inconvenient since its offcampus but you get used to it since its only a block away. However the inside more than makes up for it since its relatively cleaner and the non-communal restrooms make up for it. It’s also newer so expect the quality to be better.

1 year ago
Verified Student

Yosemite is a really nice hall with great lighting and friendly people. My room was relatively spacious and my suit-mates where friendly. I was an RA at the time so I had the room to myself and I really enjoyed it. However the hall itself was very loud and often there was noise complaints. It is al...

Lived in a single room
1 year ago

All the dorm living situations are what you make of it and the people you get paired with. Despite submitting a roommate request, UC Davis decided not to honor it, admitting more students than rooms, and instead splitting up requested pairs and placing them into other doubles. Regardless, the room...

3 years ago

Overall it’s a lot nicer than some of the other dorms. Triple can seem like a stretch because the rooms were meant for 2 people but it’s not bad. Had a triple for the first quarter then roommate moved out so it turned into a double. Only issue is bike parking can fill up so if you’re coming back lat...

Lived in a double room
3 years ago

Brand new & supppperr nice! We have our own private bathrooms with 1 or 2 other triples/ doubles. There’s a lot of really great lounges (both study & relaxing ones) & the rooms seem a bit bigger than older dorms. Only sucky thing is location, but it’s really not that bad I promise. It’s next to the ...

Lived in a triple room